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Programming Protopia

Solved: What is Protopia?

Have you ever heard of the concept of ‘Protopia’? I only just came across the concept today in a book by Kevin Kelly called ‘The Inevitable‘. In the rawest nature, Protopia defines a state where we’re not longer fighting for survival (Dystopia), nor are we accepting perfection (Utopia). We’ve become accountable for our need, our […]

Thought of the Day #001: How many of you are there?

Here’s a thought for you: How many of you are there? There’s the you at work, the you with family, the you with friends, the you when you’re alone… right? Plus several more in some instances. So in accordance with that logic, either the world has 400%+ of you, OR there is only 25% of […]

Why Perfect Conversions Don’t Exist, But They Do.

It’s a funny word, ‘perfection’. We think of perfection as something that is absolute for any situation, however – it’s as much debatable as it is agreeable because it’s based on a range rather than an absolute. I’ll go into why the ‘perfect’ marketing campaign doesn’t exist later on, but for now let me add […]

Never Settle

The Proverbial Shit-Show that is ‘Dating’

The Proverbial Shit-Show that is ‘Dating’ Let me start by saying, by no means am I an aesthetically attractive guy. I mean sure, there’s the attention to hair, what I wear, how I smell (super important), how I talk, listen and respond – all the significant values that you’d assume would mean something. Naturally however […]