Case Study: Sliding Door Company

$758,000+ in new revenue, 18,000+ new visitors.

About The Sliding Door Company

The Sliding Door Company is an international brand of sliding doors, dividers and installations. They provide residential and commercial grade designs, created and crafted in California.


Sliding Door Company Philippines Team

Hezzyl Baile

“After working with Marcus, we knew we made the right choice.”

After working with Marcus, we knew we made the right choice. Marcus helped us redesign our website and implemented our first SEO campaign to get our website ranking. After months of not receiving inbound leads from our website, Marcus’ redesign and SEO campaign helped us get our first web leads which continue to grow today.

Hezzyl Baile / Sliding Door Company

Digital Marketing Services Applied:

Reviewing the initial site, we pursued a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a new website and conversion rate optimization. My goal was to provide a complete digital marketing service that enables growth in lead generation for The Sliding Door Company and the ability to track, measure and report sales performance.

Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

Website Redesign

sales and conversion rate optimization

Sales and Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is no joke – and we never treated it that way. It will make or break any new business on the block. These days it takes more than just a brick and mortar store to keep business alive, it’s about being in your prospects faces at the right time with the right proposition.

Optimizing the Sliding Door Company website enabled new business to flow and directly impact that bottom line.

Sliding Door GSC

Putting Their Business On The Map

The first thing we discovered together was their website was missing all the relevant information that each of their prospects were searching for. We took their bootstrap website and made it into something clients would feel comfortable navigating through. This helped us ideate fresh content, build their authority and improve the reputation of their brand.


Google My Business Setup

After setting up their Google My Business page as part of my local SEO services, they started to receive an influx of local leads. Within the first 7 days of setting up the page, they received 14 new leads.

Schema Implementation

As part of the combined SEO and web design service, schema was implemented to help search engines like Google source the right information for potential prospects looking for sliding doors online.

Content Creation

Nothing ranks better than fresh content that is informational and educational. With all products finally up on their site, clients could create variations which influenced prospects to contact their sales team.

Link Building

Bridging the gap between influence and authority – we crafted thought leadership content to help rankings and displaying expertise online. This allowed us to share content and create backlinks from high authority websites, relevant to the industry.

On Page Optimization

Understanding how content structure should form is what I educate my clients so they’re always prepared to build more content the right way. With the right placement of content, links and tags – everything is made to be crystal clear for search engines.

Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Nothing is possible without measuring the success of a campaign. From start to finish, I help implement proper reporting and tracking through Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager implementation.


18,000+  Visitors

The first impressions matter.

22,000+ Sessions

Prospects stayed longer.

1,400+ Inquiries

As they say “Feed The Sales Beast”.

Website Redesign

Upon our first interview, we knew that they needed a redesign of their existing site. From the initial website audit, we spotted flaws with functionality, performance and information gaps.

In just a matter of days, Sliding Door Company had a brand new website showcasing their products in the best possible display online.

Sliding Door Company New Website

A Much Needed Facelift

As part of my web design services, I crafted their website to be user friendly and made mobile responsive. The facelift elevated their brand and gave customers a new glimpse into their entire product range without needing to step into the showroom.




Sliding Door Company New Website

An Impressive Speed Boost

A redesign isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade. Working closely with The Sliding Door Company, I rebuilt their website from scratch, optimizing everything from the installation through to page speed and usability. Everything was rebuilt with the user experience in mind, to make it easier to navigate.


Page Size


Page Speed

14.7 seconds


Page Size


Page Speed

1.6 seconds

  • Back up of existing content
  • Created a new server to host the new website
  • 92% reduction in image and media asset file size
  • Fresh installation of WordPress
  • Minified all CSS and Javascript files
  • Implementation of CDN for faster load speeds
  • Improved navigation onsite


89.1% Speed Improvement

Everything delivered in record time.

181 Requests Removed

Useful or Useless? We decided.

112 New Pages Indexed

Content is king, we made sure.

Sales and Conversion Rate Optimization

The benefit of redesigning the website while starting an SEO campaign has it’s benefits. We can piece together conversion focused content with the updated design, and create the digital showroom that utilizes interactive engagement devices to warm leads before getting on that call.

The goal was the educate the prospect with everything they need, to help the sales team enable the conversion from lead to customer with ease.


Sales Without Metrics Is Just Numbers

Understanding Marketing and Sales is what made The Sliding Door Company such a blessing to work with. With each implementation of search engine optimization, and on-page implementation to improve the content of their website, we encountered opportunities to influence visitors to continue browsing, and groom them to become qualified leads.

7,333 New Prospects

Exploring more than just one page.

1,421 New Leads

Generated through the website.

$758,000+ New Revenue

Simply put? Crushing it.

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